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April Guilin tension across the board without tickets hotel listings

Date: 2012-04-09

Recently, manynetizens saidGuilinhotelavailability tension, some hotels, guesthousesAprillistingshave beenon bulk orders.Chongqing-GuilinFlightsbasicallyfull price ticket, or evenaticket is hard.In the non-tourist seasonin April,went so far ashotels were full,full price tickets,puzzling.

It is understood thatthe Ching Ming Festivalthree days, GuilinLiangjiang International Airportinbound and outbound flightsup to356sorties,transporting passengersreached45,376.44,the day ofChing Ming Festivalpassenger flow peakinbound and outbound flightsup to124vehicles, passengerthroughput of nearly16,000people.In accordance with pastpractice, thefestivalwill appearafterheatGuilin TourismsuspendeduntilMay Day.

Anadvertising companyin Chongqing,a clerkofMiss Fangsaid, "I was goingin mid-Apriland lateuse ofannual leaveto Guilin,just to avoid theChing Ming FestivalandMay Daytourist season, you can easilyleisurelylook at the scenery.Low discountticketscan allow himself tosave a few hundreddollars, anddo notworry about findingaccommodation, butin the onlinebookinghotels, air tickets, they noticed thattheir favoritein these hotelshave beenfully booked, andticketsare not cheap,is basically afull price ticket. "

CtripFlightinformation display,fourmonths late,Chongqing-GuilinFlightsbasically afull price ticket, butaticket is hard.Chongqing,atravel agencyresponsible person,last year, Chongqing-Guilinticketdiscount very,basically afull price ticketthis year, butfull price ticketsare veryscarce, forwhythis happens,do not quite understand.

On the other hand,the majority-star hotelin Guilinin mid-Apriland latelistingspoppedbookfullofanomalies.Editcallafive-star hotelin Guilinask,does appear tolistingsshortagephenomenon.The other said,"There could bealarge enterpriseorganizationgroup travel."

According to sources,isacorporategroup bookingsin Chongqing, thespecific situationis not clear.