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Agricultural Bank of China 30 billion yuan credit building service international tourist destination Guilin

Date: 2013-07-25

July 24 morning, Guilin People's Government of Guangxi Agricultural Bank of China Ronghu Hotel distinguish rows signed a strategic cooperation memorandum.According to the strategic content of cooperation, ABC will be granted 30 billion yuan in Guangxi distinguish intent of credit, services Guilin tourism and related industries.

Guilin leader Zhao Yue Qin, Jun-Hua Huang, Dandong Long, Zhang Xiaowu, Tang Gui Lai, president of Agricultural Bank of China Guangxi Branch Liaojia Wang and major business departments witness signing.Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Qinchun Cheng on behalf of the municipal government, and the Agricultural Bank of China Guangxi Branch Vice President Jiangwu Cheng signed a strategic cooperation memorandum.

Mayor Jun-Hua Huang said at the signing ceremony.He said a long time, ABC Guilin, Guangxi Branch is very concerned about the economic construction and social development in the construction of major projects, focusing on business development, SME financing especially in agriculture and tourism industry development, with the city carried out fruitful cooperation.This strategic cooperation memorandum, marked a new stage in bilateral cooperation, will build international tourist destination of Guilin, Guilin to build an upgraded version into a strong driving force.Guilin government will earnestly implement the memorandum makes clear the responsibilities and obligations, the effective integration of all resources to further strengthen the financial ecological environment, and actively create a favorable investment environment, strong support for the Agricultural Bank and other financial institutions in the development of Guilin.County district government and relevant departments should strengthen the links with the ABC, communication and exchanges, and actively build political silver, bank and docking platform, and actively recommend to the ABC quality projects, good organization and coordination of project implementation to achieve the government bankwin-win development.

Liaojia Wang speech said that the current international tourist destination has been sailing in Guilin, Guangxi Agricultural Bank of China always attaches great importance to distinguish between rows Guilin construction and development, the strategic cooperation memorandum signed as an opportunity, innovative financial products and strengthen the financial service capabilities,economic and social development of Guilin will make new contributions.

In accordance with the memorandum of agreement, Agricultural Bank of China Guangxi distinguished line in the next six years, the cumulative total of not less than 30 billion yuan to provide intent of credit, to support Guilin tourism and related industries based local economic and social development in the tourism infrastructure,Tourist traffic routes open, scenic spots transformation, integration of cultural tourism, tourism and high-tech areas such as personnel training increased the credit supply.Agricultural Bank of China Guangxi Branch will be in the credit policy, credit scale, operational efficiency and other resource allocation, Guilin to tilt and moderate expansion of Guilin Branch of management autonomy and the right to credit approval, reasonable arrangements for credit schemes and money.In addition, under the agreement controllable risk quality projects and key customers start the "green channel", in line with national industrial policy, resource integration, optimization and upgrading of industrial projects such as priority support.

Guilin People's Government Agricultural Bank will support business development in Guilin, recommended key construction projects and good economic returns, high technology content, strong customer growth.Help ABC defuse credit risk to the safe operation of credit funds to provide support.To give priority to projects of cooperation Huimin ABC as agent bank, the formation of resource exchange, multi-win development pattern.

The two sides will work together to accelerate the construction of tourist consumer financial environment, accelerate the "China Tourism Card" issuance, for domestic and foreign tourists to create a safe, convenient, high-quality payment environment.

The same day, ABC Guilin Guilin Branch also invested in seven tourism and related enterprises signed cooperation agreements between banks.Guilin branch will credit 13 billion yuan to support Guilin Guilin to Sanjiang highway segment, Guiyang highway expansion, Guilin Olympic sports and leisure sports tourism and other major construction projects, boosting international tourist destination building.

It is understood that the Agricultural Bank branch based in Guilin Guilin tourism economic characteristics, actively serve the tourism economy, their business has been rapid development of high-quality.As of the end of June, the bank RMB deposits and loans amounted to 46.5 billion yuan, ranking the region's various business indicators within the system and the Municipality forefront of the industry.