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Don't do tourists in guilin

Date: 2014-12-09

Although tourism is the main purpose of americans to travel, but not for the purpose of tourist resort, has been on the rise, it is also quietly changing people's way to travel. Club Med into China is the people vacationing industry traveling market demand. And C lubMed guilin resorts opening, more marked the old scenic guilin, is no longer just a visit destination, laid for guilin resorts, let more people to taste slowly guilin landscape, is the necessity of veteran scenic area to upgrade.
The hotel
The landscape of guilin + French romance
46 hectares of new resorts integrating picturesque guilin karst landforms and modern art is an organic whole, interesting. Stroll in the resort, you can see, the resort surrounded by more than 50 of limestone mountains, M arcH ertrich&N icolas dnet design studio carefully select local materials to build A resort in the furniture and lighting, and perfectly integrated into the French fashion elements in the native culture. Also in the design of special USES many stems from a local artist works of art. Welcome center not only provide reception service, also has a village tour center with C lub M Ed boutiques and art galleries. The overall design is black granite to LiangYan red paint and gold metal ornament for its grace; Panoramic born glazing, the picturesque landscape and sculpture park kanas scenery panoramic view, like a picture of a shade fitting for landscape painting.
Guests can choose according to individual be fond of Chinese red theme room, or in the local ethnic costumes designed for inspiration blue-green subject guest room. Art elements in the guest rooms include with large Chinese style design for the theme of the inspired by the back of the head of a bed; Desk with a fine carving the drawers and spray paint details; Traditional print pattern design decorative border makes television will become a work of art; Live by a whole wall in every room in the local Taiwanese art director to draw up the ink landscapes. Impressive, however, the collision of color to decorate, but embodies the romance of a kinds of people, so it is so special about guilin C lubM Ed.
A holiday
In completely relaxed state of mind in C lub Med
In ClubM Ed in guilin, there is A social center, called A telier. Here is the place of three meals a day, and theater, party, bar. The theatre has 626 seats and have different performances every night, have a stage play, there are frequent flyers, etc. After 9 PM theme parties, more let a person experience holiday revelry; During the day, in the holiday village, you can ride a bike, along the mountain path, across the landscape; You can also play rock climbing, also can be in three different styles of swimming pool to swim.
The kid's paradise
All the children is the VIP Club M Ed, designers are inspired by guilin local culture to create a belongs to the wonderland of children, children in four different ages custom children's Club to create different themes of entertainment, including "osmanthus forest" (2-4 years old children's Club), "wild animal and the lijiang river rafting" mini Club (4 to 7 years old), and "cormorant fishing scene" mini Club (8 to 10 years old). Mini Club and Club M Ed the first children to paddle the shallow water area.
C lubM Ed guilin resorts, check-in for an average of 1700 yuan per night.
There're a total of 330 rooms, resort is distributed in the hotel two wings. With delicate bar, teahouse, library, meet (i.e., to provide all kinds of pasta) from every afternoon after lunch and after dinner into the night snack.
Writing, photography: SMW reporter Zheng Haihong
The industry
The ritz-carlton hotel in chengdu was unveiled
SMW reporter XiaoYang on October 9, chengdu fuli ritz-carlton hotel officially opened. Fuli ritz-carlton hotel in chengdu is the ritz-carlton hotel group in China's home, 9 and 19 hotels Asia Pacific region.
According to introducing, this hotel is located in chengdu city center near tianfu square, r&f centre 41 part layer, the top of the tall building, has the most spacious guest rooms, the highest in the city a total of 353 rooms, 113 executive floors of rooms, including 55 is suites. Room design inspiration comes from the tradition of old street in chengdu hospital lane, guests will be able to experience the unique tea culture in chengdu, including the front desk of the welcome tea, welcome ceremony before the start of the spa, guest room seven different tea delicate tea set is tie-in, as well as the FLA IR air unique aroma cocktail bar.
Wanda ka wah brands stationed in Beijing
SMW reporter XiaoYang Recently, wanda hotels and resorts management co., LTD., announced a management in China's tenth "wanda ka wah" brand will be in Beijing on January 1, 2014.
2013 is the year of the rapid development of wanda hotels and resorts, the company will be opening nine proprietary brand hotel, seven hotel entrusted management; In 2014, the company will have 39 in domestic hotel entrusted management and 34 proprietary brand hotel; To 2015, the company's proprietary and hotel entrusted management will reach 100. Wanda group has announced that it would spend $700 million this year to build super five-star hotel in London, the next ten years, more would 8-10 gateway cities in the world to build wanda hotel.
Green Oriental first in xishuangbanna
SMW reporter XiaoYang on September 27, 2013, Oriental water plaza hotel officially opened in xishuangbanna, green green tree is the first hotel is located in xishuangbanna. Oriental hotel green is green tree at the end of 2011 launched four star boutique hotel brand, the design has the beauty of Oriental wang gas, unique style, advocating green, healthy, high quality life, most of the room price is in 300-600 yuan.