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Macau passengers in the first quarter of the total consumption rose 3.1% to 17 billion patacas

Date: 2019-05-24

According to the Macao daily reports, statistics show that benefit from the first quarter of entry passengers increased by 21.2%, the macau passengers total consumption rose 3.1% to 16.93 billion yuan (not including gambling) (patacas, similarly hereinafter), the stay of the passenger/total consumption and not for the night rose 1.9% and 7.2% respectively, compared to the 12.92 billion and 4.01 billion yuan.In the first quarter of passenger per capita consumption of 1634 yuan, down 14.9% on a yearly basis.

Statistics show that per capita consumption of mainland passengers fell 17.2% to 1849 yuan, in guangdong province and fujian province passenger consumption were reduced 9% and 14.1% to 1789 yuan, 1140 yuan;Free line passengers fell 9.4% to 2317 yuan per capita consumption.

Singapore (1682 yuan) and Taiwan (1460 yuan) passenger consumption decline;Japanese and south Korean tourists, respectively 5.5% and 2.9% to 1612 yuan, 1429 yuan.

, on the other hand, from the United States ($1369) and the UK ($1051) of the long-distance passenger per capita consumption is pressed year rise, Australia (1376 yuan) tourists consumption declined.

Stay passenger, per capita consumption of 2729 yuan, according to the year, down 6.8% of the passengers in the Chinese mainland and Taiwan consumption reduced by 8.6% and 6%, respectively, 3027 yuan and 2940 yuan.Not overnight tourists per capita consumption reduced by 19.7% to 712 yuan, the mainland passengers (838 yuan) fell 24%, free line passenger consumption reduction of 21.5% to 1291 yuan.

In terms of consumption categories, passenger consumption is mainly used for shopping (48.4%), accommodation and catering (25.1%) (18.9%).Passengers per capita shopping consumption fell 13.2% year-on-year to 790 yuan.Buy hand letter food (234 yuan) and cosmetics and perfume (220 yuan), down 19.2% and 9.7% respectively.

According to the main purpose of passengers to Macao, exhibition of passengers per capita consumption (4358 yuan) rose 49.8%, significantly to shopping (2549 yuan) and vacation (2172 yuan) in Australia the passengers per capita consumption is down 1.8% and 13.1% respectively.

, according to passengers in the first quarter of evaluation on hotel service satisfaction (88.8%) from the previous quarter fell by 0.6%;Satisfied with environmental health (84.9%), travel (84.3%), shopping service (83.4%) and public facilities (82.5%), the proportion of passengers, increased 0.8%, 1.7%, 1.2% and 2% respectively.Think the macau tourist attractions passenger enough proportion (61.2%) up 1.5% quarterly;Another 7.5% said the public passenger transport service must be improved.