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Guilin Bravo Hotel is located in the visually lethal scenery of the two rivers and four lakes in Guilin. It is surrounded by ancient trees and famous trees, stacked stone inscriptions, pavilions and clear waters; a 10-minute stroll from Yanhu Lake can reach the bustling commercial district of the city center. Ideal for travel and leisure.

Recently, the hotel has spent hundreds of millions of yuan on a new upgrade of its guest rooms. When night falls, whether you choose to stay in a lake-view room or stay in a low-key luxury European-style room, you can enjoy day and night warmly and comfortably.

For those who are in love with food, you can explore the exciting selection of cuisines in the hotel restaurant. The Western restaurant on the first floor offers you a variety of European, Asian and American cuisines with elegant taste and extraordinary enjoyment. The Lijiang Hall has carefully prepared a variety of authentic Sichuan, Cantonese, and Gui specialty Chinese dishes for you. The rich local style allows you to taste the treasures. The teppanyaki restaurant full of island-like flavor, the flames bloom the aroma of fresh ingredients, completely "ignite" your taste buds.

In your spare time, come to the courtyard-style outdoor swimming pool for a relaxing break. The gym is fully equipped with fitness equipment, transparent floor-to-ceiling glass decoration, good vision and beautiful environment.

For business people, whether it's a private party or a company's business event, Guilin Bravo Hotel will be your best choice in Guilin. The newly added ceiling height is 8 meters, and the luxurious grand banquet hall with 800 square meters is constructed without pillars, which can hold large-scale banquets, press conferences, product promotion meetings and other forms of events. In addition, the hotel also has more than 20 small and medium-sized multifunctional conference halls to meet your different needs.

With the best of hospitality, as always, enjoy the warm and
comfortable staying experience, which belongs to you-Guilin Bravo Hotel.
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  • e00994578
    Friends said it was good.
  • NASTYA2008
    Very good hotel! very good breakfast also good is Chan! to be selected?
  • aroamer
    Four-stars hotel is an old, old, outdated facilities. but service can be, there is a free airport shuttle. reminds the point is outside the hotel private electric three-wheeled out, attention should be paid.
  • Clairl
    Good breakfast, be sure to go for Chun Kee, Chong Shan rice noodles
  • allenan
  • e01005525
    That's good
  • daimaomao2464
    Travel and tourism in Guilin are preferred, and praise.
  • bellawangmin
    Overall good, is the national day holiday price is on the high side, health services are very good.
  • e00302605
    Services, facilities, accommodation is very good, in prime location, convenient transportation, the surrounding environment is also good, especially services, worthy of recommendation. breakfast is also good.
    Giving our children's toothbrushes and slippers is really good
  • UC94720
    Good location, convenient, quiet, clean the room, decorate. compared to the same grade hotel, high cost performance, will stay again.
  • evilopp
    Hotel location is very good, and after dinner you can walk in the Lake area, a 15-minute walk to the central square. rooms are bright and spacious, deluxe bed was very soft, very comfortable shower. warm and thoughtful service. only downside is less breakfast, coffee is a bit. Overall experience very pleasant and would choose this hotel again.
  • liaoxiaoyun
    Location is good, going out a 15-minute walk is the pedestrian street, you can see lake view
  • jim01241
    Hotel pick up service, well;-) reception very helpful
  • flywally
    Nice lake view room spacious, clean, and good location.
  • jiangyu
    Environment is very good, breakfast is very good, that a child over 1.3M, and complement breakfast coupon
  • e00015534
    Comment on good, very nice facilities and a high quality of service, it is worth staying.
  • bigcause
    Well, price is a little expensive.
  • e04785080
    Hotel is located in the city centre, the traffic is very convenient. out of the hotel, is the Lake area, free tourist attractions. the hotel's business centre provides a good service, arranging travel is very compact, worthy choice. hotel front desk staff are very friendly, and to make a good impression.
  • E00611809
    Hotel service is good, the friend said, next time to stay, great location.
  • ltfj6
    Very good, satisfactory, environment, scenery is very beautiful in the Lake next to the still living here ... ...
  • Andy Green tea
    Early evening rich! slippers are too poor,
  • alanwinner
    Very good very good very good very good
  • elin_06
    Old hotel, well, pick up service, good location downtown, are near some of the major attractions close to the hotel facilities, great service, good breakfast, room furniture is old, the next time you will choose this hotel
  • e00176445
    Traffic is very convenient, good room service, hotel travel service is also very good, gave them fruit.
  • mijigu
    Good location, you can see Lake, there are restaurants nearby wheat xiangfang, three Hall, walk Forrest restaurants are good; good, first day covers and thick, just incidentally, the waiter immediately into thin quilt, home; just kids eat breakfast full price, a bit expensive ... next time I go to Guilin will live.
  • murano
    Good location but a bit old, great
  • meimouse
  • alanwenjun
    Location is OK, but the disadvantage is that such a cold day, several air conditioner does not heat the room, frozen
    Air conditioning doesn't work, well, older facilities, the surrounding environment.
  • P529300
    Rich breakfast, very high cost of hotels
  • lu0644113
    Hotel was very warm, it feels good
  • loveyangyang666
    Great location but service can still
  • fooly
    The facilities are good, also offers an airport pick-up service, amazing. Buffet breakfast and taste should be further enhanced.
  • AMY Dong Dong
    Breakfast was excellent, friendly, good location, recommended.
  • mailcctv
    Good location in front of the hotel is the Lake, great view. this free upgrade to the VIP building. the breakfast is abundant, there diet with lots of Guilin characteristics.
  • eugenepig
    Free upgrade to Lake view. appreciate the reception guy. where services are really good.
  • AndyCui2008
    On the edge of the Lake area, they go out the landscape, breakfast is very good, free upgrade to Lake view room
  • joypan11
    All right
  • rainbowwu8
    Old hotel General
  • abeduan
    Good location, convenient, although the facility slightly old, but service was good.
  • jessicacia
    Room smell very much, nice
  • duoduo1024
    Hotel great location. but as a four star hotel, breakfast a little., young workers have a significant gap with the older employees service, hoping to improve.
  • longyu8621
    Although the hotel has a long history, but the facility is still maintained good ... and very good night for a walk outside the hotel landscape is very pleasant.
  • AY2011
    Pretty good
  • wn_0811
    Hotels belonging to the local classic, complete facilities, areas big as photos, the clerk said contains a balcony so small, quiet environment, on the edge of the Lake area, West of the city center, breakfast is very general, catch a shower can not be removed with. good in General.
  • m00910538
    Good, very close to the Centre, easy to clean
  • belleyanglin
    Rooms a little taste, not too good. lagoon view was beautiful, realized with a panoramic view, very much. favorite is the swimming pool, guests play water very happy ... breakfast OK.
  • e00088081
    Veteran four star's, facilities although relative old is, but service these aspects good, key is price also is cabbage, personal think good. to fly back so in Guilin live a late, so set of is most General of standard between, but wood has thought window also can looked to Lake area, this belongs to surprise! addition a surprise is has sent machine service, 30/people, price reasonable, key is convenience. If next also to Guilin play words, should also will select here.
  • CW1967
    Very good location, in Guilin, tours, shopping, shop, watch the show are very convenient; decoration of the hotel is old, old bathroom facilities, shower head cannot move; attitudes and health services are good, but rooms are less expensive, lower-price, overall was OK.